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My story

I joined the group at the time of founding.  I was (and still am) working full-time for a Japanese company and did not have problems with working in Germany (as a woman in a foreign country); just being interested in doing something outside the office and wanting to expand my network.



This group started with a small number of Japanese women.  Back then I already met people from different career background and generations.  Now I see the group has grown with German and Japanese women working in Germany.  The group’s network also covers Japanese living in neighbouring countries (like Belgium) and Germans living in Japan, as well as non-German/non-Japanese.  The group is a good place to get to know people from different background – of course gentlemen are welcome to join webinars and discussion sessions!


Meetings are organised often with a small number of people, like up to 10 people, and you can feel that participants are well-connected there.  And you don’t need to wait until somebody organises something for you; YOU can propose and organise an event if you have something to present or discuss - creative work, isn’t it? This is a place where you can try something new and explore your possibilities.  In my case, I helped organisation of a dinner event for current affairs debate and got a lecture on legal issues.  Discussion with journalist over dinner was one of interesting experiences which I had through this group.

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