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GJPWN ストーリー

GJPWN Story: ニュース

About our association

"Working" has always been a big theme for me. "Working" here means not only career advancement within a company, but also contributing to the company and society by taking advantage of one's own abilities and strengths. By doing so, I think that I can feel self-growth and lead a fulfilling life. And I'm sure everyone has that power.


However, reality can be different from ideal. For a variety of reasons, some are looking for a job, and some women have a degree abroad and are struggling to find a job that they are comfortable with, despite their abilities. When working in a foreign country, it is necessary to have the ability to work in the same way as the people in that country, or conversely, to have the ability that the local people do not have, rather than getting a job in their own country. It's often challenging. Not only one's own ability, but also timing and personal connections have a lot to do with it. It would be ideal if I could work because I wanted to work, and I could do what I liked and special skills, but in reality it is often not the case.


On the other hand, there are also those who find their own strengths and work worthwhile even overseas, and those who demonstrate their own skills and start an independent business. While encouraging the positive and energetic women, I felt that connecting such diverse women would create a wonderful community and learning place.


In 2014, we started from this thought.


We aim to connect women who work and want to work in diverse environments and support each and every one of them to lead a prosperous life.


If you have friends who can share the vision that you cannot achieve by yourself, the issues and worries that you find difficult to overcome, you will have the courage to work positively.


Even if you somehow give up working in society because you live overseas, you can meet friends in a similar environment and be stimulated to come up with new ideas or recognize them as resources. You may be able to discover abilities and experiences that you did not have. We would like to be a place for learning and a place to support self-actualization.


Terumi Ezuka, Representative of GJPWN


Studied both in Japan and Germany. After graduating a university, I started my career at one of the BIG 4. Then moved to Spain to study MBA (Master of Business Administration). I have work experience in both Germany and Japan. While working and raising children, I establish GJPWN and work as a volunteer to manage the group.

Positive Psychology Instructor, NLP Practitioner, and Psychology counselor,

Curiosity is the driving force

Since moving to the UK in 2002, I have always focused on my work. As a local hire at a Japanese company, I have always communicated and understood each other's positions between Japanese and European organizations, and have endeavored to create better projects and products. As a Japanese in Europe, I have found my current position by chasing the different scenery that I can see ahead of me as I work hard. And I was blessed with relationships with various people from time to time, and fortunately I was also blessed with an environment where I could realize that opportunity as an opportunity.


Under such circumstances, I was blessed with a place to participate in this meeting launched by my friend Mr. Etsuka, talk with many people who are working hard while thinking variously from their respective positions, and share their experiences. .. Talking to women who are also working hard in Germany is literally encouraging and inspiring.


We are now forced to change the way we work and live in the face of invisible changes in the environment. While talking with Mr. Etsuka about how to grasp this situation, how to spend it, and what this GJPWN should be, as a member, I make great use of IT technology, which is my specialty. I thought that this situation could be an opportunity to meet more people, so I participated in the launch.


This homepage has just been launched, but I would like to talk with more people who are working hard overseas and enrich the content together as a platform for learning from each other.


I look forward to talking with you.


GJPWN member Chiho Kubota

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